Ok so first up, let’s clarify that Lightbox has nothing on Netflix in terms of user experience. It lags, buffers and struggles its way through as you scroll but persevere dear reader because there are some real gems on there. We have Lightbox as part of our Spark broadband deal (i.e it’s free) and I’ve got to admit it’s a nice perk – if only they could figure out how to keep us connected when it’s pouring with rain… Anyway here is a small list to get you started as you navigate your way through what is actually an impressively varied offering of telly.


The Handmaid’s Tale

A recent addition to the Lightbox family, this adaptation of the classic Margaret Atwood novel of the same name is excellent. We plowed through the first series in just over a week. I’m a huge fan of the book and this doesn’t disappoint – Elisabeth Moss (aka Peggy from Mad Men) is superb in the lead role. Watch it. Now.



This show is my guilty pleasure that I get stuck into whenever Tom’s out. It’s essentially a behind the scenes look at the making of a reality show called ‘Everlasting’ (a parody of The Bachelor). The creator of The Bachelor series wrote it and holy eff, if some of the shit that goes down on it is true… well it doesn’t bear thinking about to be honest. There are real moments of comedy at times but a warning that it gets reeeeeally dark too.



The show about nothing that will always make you feel something. If you’re too young to have grown up with this classic (bless) then consider it an education in acquainting yourself with Jerry and the gang. Guaranteed lols.


The Killing

Interestingly Lightbox has both the US and (original) Danish versions of this show. We’ve only watched the US version and it’s bloody good. This is complete binge material and you’ll find yourself staying up into the wee smalls because you can’t cope going to sleep without finding out what happens next.



I’m not sure how we discovered this show but I’m so glad we did. Before Caitlin Jenner there was Maura Pfefferman, a middle aged Jewish man who decides to embrace his real persona after decades as a married father of three. This takes dysfunctional family to a new level but the love is real, the issues raised are super relevant and it makes you think… and laugh.


Breaking Bad

I’ve already spoken of my love for this show in our binge worthy TV series post. Lightbox also has the spinoff ‘Better Call Saul’ but for some reason I’ve never given that a go. Supposedly excellent too though.  


Downton Abbey

Another of our faves from the binge library, this is one show you need to get amongst if you missed the buzz a few years back. With all six seasons on there it’ll keep you going for weeks.


Parks and Recreation

This show is such a good one to just dip in an out of for a good belly laugh. Amy Poehler is genius and Aziz Ansari from Master of None fame can certainly thank this show for launching his career. But really, can you ever go past Ron (played by Nick Offerman) and his absolute love for breakfast food and hatred for pretty much everything? Ron is my spirit animal.


Go Girls

It’s nice to see some home grown goodness on the service, especially when it includes classics like Outrageous Fortune, Bro Town and super cute retro series Being Eve. My personal fave though has got to be the North Shore exploits of Go Girls. Definitely see myself re-watching this on a rainy Sunday soon.

Next on our to-watch list? The Tudors, The Bridge and Happy Valley. Stay tuned for results!