So it begins, the new season of Game of Thrones is here… along with winter. Turns out the Starks weren’t just teasing us. It’s been a longer than usual wait for season 7, with the creators making us wait an extra four months pfft! Here’s hoping that extra time has been put to good use.

Before we look at how you can watch it, it’s worth having a little recap as even at the best of times it can be pretty freakin difficult keeping up with some of the outlandish story lines. This one was made by HBO themselves and is decent…

How to watch?

Episode one hits HBO in America at 1pm tomorrow and each Monday after that for the next seven weeks so it’s time to adopt a new Monday routine of staying off social and actually doing some work after lunch.

Here you’ll have a couple of (legal) options for watching it. If you’re a Sky subscriber and have added Soho to your package then you’re set to go. They promise the premiere will air at the same time as it does in the States (1pm) then they’ll replay it again at 8pm.

If you don’t have Sky then there’s the option we’re relying on – Neon, a streaming service owned by Sky has been promoting the shit out of Game of Thrones so I’ll be pissed if it turns out they dont have the latest episodes tomorrow. They’ve got the first six seasons up and offer a month free with subscription at $20 a month after that. It’s a bit pricey compared to Netflix and Lightbox but might be worth forking out for until the end of the season.

Failing that, just hope your parents or a friend has Soho on their Sky and will hook you up with their SkyGo password!

However you manage to watch it, enjoy!

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