The Big Sick has gone down a treat with those who’ve seen it already – at the time of writing it’s sitting at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s pretty hard for a film to live up to those expectations but seriously, I challenge you not to enjoy this movie.

These days rom-coms get a bad wrap. Gone are the days of classics like Four Weddings and a Funeral or Pretty Woman. So often these days we’re stuck with shameless attempts at squeezing cash out of big names with slapstick humour and one liners that get used up in the trailer.

The Big Sick is what rom-coms should be. You are guaranteed to lol in the theatre whilst also getting those awwww gooey feels inside. The thing that makes the film great is that it’s based on a true story. Not only that, but it’s written by the couple who lived the story and are now married – CUTE.


The Big Sick

Stand up comedian and one half of the couple who wrote the film Kumail Nanjiani plays himself. I’d never heard of the guy before but he is so quirky that it’s kinda hard not to laugh at everything he says. Kumail’s wife Emily is played by actress Zoe Kazan but the chemistry still feels real. As I said before, the realness of this film is what sets it apart and it certainly helps that the film was produced by Girls exec producer Judd Apatow. You get the same (sometimes brutal) honesty from the characters and the gags never feel forced.

I mean even Ray Romano (you know – from Everybody Loves Raymond fame) is funny in this. Holly Hunter who plays Emily’s Mum is fantastic too. Another point scorer for the film – even the support acts are excellent. You may recognise Kumail’s best girl mate from the latest season of Girls and his other fellow comedians have some truly great lines. It genuinely feels like real banter amongst mates… mates who happen to be super fast and witty that is.



Kumail’s family are also pretty classic and the racial issues touched on are as real as the love story. I can only imagine how difficult it must be having a cross cultural relationship and the film doesn’t gloss over anything which is refreshing for this genre.

A friend of mine who hates chick flicks and loves superhero/action films said that he ‘didn’t hate it’ so I’d count that as a rave review. He did also point out that it’s one that you could just as happily watch on Netflix though and I’ve got to admit he’s got a point there.  But hey, it’s winter and when date night rolls around there’s nothing like cuddling up in a movie theatre. So if you’re looking for something that both of you are going to enjoy then The Big Sick is the flick for you.

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