No beating around the bush here, The Cows comes highly recommended by me. Dawn O’Porter has such a refreshing, no bullshit style of writing that it is impossible not to like this book. It caught my eye when I saw a recommendation on the cover from Kristen Wiig claiming that it’s “Funny and excruciating. You’ll think about it for weeks”. She was right. This is a book that will stick with you, particularly if you’re a twenty or thirty something woman.

The Cows will most likely be filed under the ‘feminist novel’ category and it certainly makes you think about what it means to be a woman in this day and age. However, I still think it will really appeal to men too and I would strongly encourage that guys read it if not for getting an insight into how we think then at least for the witty banter.

The story revolves around three very different women who each lead wildly different lives but all struggle with pressures forced on them by family, society and health professionals. Weirdly I ended up sympathising with each of them even though they all do some pretty questionable stuff.

Eventually the three stories are intertwined by a horrific event that threw me right off guard but led to a very satisfying ending. That’s all I want to say about the story though because this is one book that I think you’ll enjoy so much that I don’t want to spoil any of it. I realise I’m verging dangerously close to gushing territory here but honestly, the writing was like a breath of fresh air for me (probably helped by the fact I’d just finished a bit of a slower classic read).

As I was such a fan and wanted to find more books like this one I¬†googled the author Dawn O’Porter and found that she’s a massive over achiever. As well as being an author, O’Porter is a telly presenter in the UK, blogger, freelance magazine writer and breast cancer awareness ambassador. She also has a range of other books out that I’ll be adding to my Kindle soon.

I can totally see The Cows being made into a film or a mini series and I reckon it’s one that A-lister female actresses would clamour to appear in. Being a telly personality herself, we may even see Dawn O’Porter in a cameo role. Totally speculating here but I’d definitely watch so fingers crossed.

Book Review: The Cows - Dawn O'Porter
Good bits
  • Hilarious and relateable
  • Intriguing storylines that come together perfectly
  • Deep and relevant social messages without the cringe factor
Not so good bits
  • Can't really fault this book, I'm a straight up fan
5.0Funny and real - a must read

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