As we’ve mentioned before, we are self confessed Game of Thrones addicts so it’s pretty damn depressing that we’re most likely going to have to wait until 2019 for the next instalment. To help ourselves through this tough time we’ve devised a short list of activities that you can use as a way of filling the void left by our favourite badass dragon queen and her nephew’s perfect bum (it had to be said)…

Watch the whole lot from season 1 again
Number 1 on the list because it’s the best option for you right now. We’d be doing it ourselves if we hadn’t already geeked out and rewatched all of them in the lead up to season 6. It’s nuts to see how different the characters are now and quite a handy refresher considering how convoluted some of the storylines have gotten. Also you get to relive the drama of the red wedding episode which has still got to be the most gory, action packed of them all.

Google geeky fan theories
The latest one that everyone seems to be talking about is that Bran is the Night King. Aside from the compelling evidence seen here, there’s also the theory brought about by a Reddit user that the army of the dead formed the shape of a direwolf (aka the Stark sigil guys!)

My bestie alerted me to another great theory that Tyrion is also a Targaryen making him the third piece to the (now super icky) puzzle that is Daenerys and Jon Snow’s relationship. Seeing as one of the dragons has turned to the blue side it’s not as solid as it was based around there being three dragon riders but there’s still enough in it to make you wonder… and then google some more.

Read the books
Now this is not for the faint hearted. I was able to smash through most of the books while living in London purely because I rode the tube for at least an hour a day so if you’re low on free time this isn’t the option for you. But if you do have the stamina for it then I’d totally recommend. Personally I think the TV series is better but the books give you loads more insight into the plot and you’ll find yourself going ‘ooooooh I get it now’ with heaps of bits that the show glosses over in favour of keeping the pace going.


Get addicted to a new TV show
There’s a plethora of binge worthy telly out there waiting for you friends. Currently we’re deep into The Americans on Lightbox and it’s amazing. I can’t believe how underrated the show is as it snuck under our radar until I saw it recommended by Girls exec producer Judd Apatow. It stars Keri Russell from awful teen drama Felicity (anyone else remember that show?) along with Matthew Rys as a married couple of super badass Russian KGB spies in America during the cold war.  The show is masterful at drawing you in to the characters world as they try to balance being a family with cold blooded plotting, manipulation and murder. Bonus points for an excellent soundtrack too.

Watch all the movies that Game of Thrones characters pop up in
Funnily enough most of the stars in Game of Thrones have careers outside of the show. I mean they do have A YEAR of down time between filming each series. Recently we watched the tear jerking chick flick Me Before You starring none other than Daenerys the mother of dragons as a bumbling British girl whose life was about as exciting as making a cup of tea and it was trippy. If you’re interested there are some great lists out there that should keep you occupied for at least a few of the GOT free months ahead.

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