We recently got married and it was great but also a bit of a learning curve. Here are a few words of wisdom from our 8 months of planning…


When asking for quotes, don’t use the W word. Cake makers, hire companies, florists will all charge you more for a wedding quote. Noooo idea how this is justified but it happens so keep mum about the event until you’ve agreed to a price. Then revel in that smug feeling when you save hundreds.


Trust the professionals. It’s tricky knowing what decisions to make when chances are this is your first wedding. Having a bunch of preconceived ideas of how your day is going to play out is all well and good but I’m finding it a great relief to be led by the pros who do this stuff every weekend. Listen to your celebrant, caterers, florist and all the other people who are helping on the day – their advice is gold.


Don’t sweat the small stuff. Because chances are, no one will notice. Having consulted my best mate aka maid of honour on what to do for favours, we both came to the conclusion that they’re a) going to be lost by the guests or b) more trouble than they’re worth. She attended a wedding where the favours were left to sort on the day and didn’t end up getting done because of everything else there was to look after.


The guest list is freakin hard. You don’t realise how many people are related to one another until you’ve made a list. Get ready to find out how many people you have to invite because such and such is coming and they’ll tell so and so…


Mums and mates are key. I’m trying to enjoy the process of planning as much as possible but sometimes when I consult my spreadsheet (yes I have a spreadsheet) I get a bit overwhelmed at the amount of things I need to think about. Knowing that there’s someone I can go to for advice and support is key as other people are always so much better at putting things into perspective for you.


A decent spreadsheet is your new bff. As above, having everything you need to account for all in one tidy little excel doc makes for a little less neurotic worry. Trust me.


Naked chairs = a saving of hundreds. Everyone tells you that you’ll start looking at guests as dollar signs which is a bit true and exactly why we are going for ‘undressed’ chairs that cost half the price and are half as good looking as the pricier option. Focus on what is important to you and splash out on that stuff. Plus I know my guests won’t remember the chairs as we’re funnelling that extra money into more champagne. Logic.


You will simultaneously want to hug and punch Pinterest in the face. It really is a great resource for ideas but sometimes as I scroll through the filtered pics of painfully intricate and uber trendy table settings I can’t help feeling like it’s a bit too much to be bothered with.


Get ready to constantly compare yourself to other brides. We went to dinner with friends a few weeks ago and they’d already received a full invite to another mate’s wedding on the same day as ours. We on the other hand hadn’t even sent out save the dates and it made me feel like a worthless human.


Keep the end goal in sight. Sometimes when it all gets a bit much you just step back and remember what all the planning is leading to – you get to marry the love of your life and party with all the people you care about and it’s like…

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