It’s – arguably – the season for pretty lights, bubbles and all things red, green and gold (or copper/Scandi inspired if that’s your bag). Yes Christmas is a good couple of months off but never fear, you can get in the spirit right now with these classy gems from Kmart aka the home of random Christmas crap. Happy shopping – may you go in for one thing and come out with twenty! Tis the season for going into debt after all…

Your furry friends will be feeling super festive (and probably a little pissed off) when you pop this Christmas Pet Plush rider on their back.

But why should pets have all the fun? Your husband will just loooove slipping into this Battery Operated Inflatable Santa with Reindeer Suit

I mean, it’s trying to be Christmasy but I think this Low Voltage Tinsel Flamingo Light  is a bit confused about his place in the world.

Now I’m not entirely sure of course but something tells me Santa will put you straight on the naughty list if you’re wiping your butt on his image. However, who could resist this Christmas Toilet Paper for (as the packaging says) making your bathroom “even more festive”. Hmmm.

If you’re one of those heathens that buys a fake tree (tbh this will probs be us this year) then this Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Wheels will be your best friend – no more trying to shove it back in the impossibly small box. Now someone needs to invent a way to store lights without them tangling and all our Christmas first world problems are solved.

Speaking of trees, they need skirts now…check out this delightful Hessian Tree Skirt

Newsflash: just as your tree needs a skirt, your table also needs socks. Keep those legs warm with this Santa Table Sock

This Reindeer Christmas Cushion is perfect for those of you who jumped straight on that copper trend and don’t want to get off. A hint of Christmas but it’s not going to clash with your geometric lamp shades and fruit bowls.



Forget about nesting tables, check out these so so Scandi-lous Set of 3 Nesting Trees

Struggling to see why this is in the Christmas section but worth an honourable mention for obvious reasons. I mean it’s a Hoodie Wine Bag for goodness sake. Whoever I get for Secret Santa in the office is 100% getting one of these.

And finally, update those weird moss rabbits you thought were a good idea with this festive and fuzzy Moss Stag. Guaranteed to never go out of style.

Happy Christmas crapifying your house folks!

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