First things first, how great is it that we can now shop at Kmart online? I mean sure the fluorescent lighting, piles of items that you have to sift through and huge trolleys that somehow motivate you to fill them when you just go in for socks are amazing but nothing beats laziness. Nothing.

It’s particularly great timing seeing as winter is well and truly here so why not take it reeeeally easy and check out our top picks for the colder months below so you don’t even have to scroll through the 23 pages (!) in the Home section…


Yoga block and strap – $6

Winter means never leaving the house unless absolutely necessary so I’ve traded the gym for lounge workouts. I very nearly bought one of these from Lulu lemon that cost $25. Thankfully I checked myself as I got lost in the cute tote bags and pretty coloured hoodies realising that I was about to blow far too much on what is essentially a bit of foam. Namaste.



Heated Throw – $49

I’m not a huge fan of electric blankets as I’m petrified that I’ll forget to turn one off and burn the house down. This one however has an overheat protection system so this little beauty really appeals. Perfect for getting cosy on the couch for a lengthy Netflix session.



Waffle Quilt Cover Set – $40

Um excuse me? A waffle duvet cover set for $40??! We paid over a hundy for ours and I love the texture and cosiness of it in the colder months. It also has a really luxe feel to it but I’m pretty sure that’s just down to the waffle. This version surely would do the trick for a fraction of the price. It comes in Charcoal too.



Occasional Chair – $55

Another fabulous Scandi knock off piece. If we weren’t enforced minimalists due to our teeny flat, I would be purchasing one of these bad boys and loading it up with a cute cushion and throw.



Coral Jacquard Blanket – $18

You can never have too many blankys in winter. Our couch is currently home to three but for less than $20 bucks it may need another. Love that this one is the size of a Queen bed too. I just want to crawl into it and wait for summer.



4 Slice Euro Toaster – $45

Tea and toast on a cold Saturday morning is heaven to me… and no I’m not 65 thankyouverymuch. No idea what makes this toaster European but damn it’s cute. Unfortunately we have absolutely no need for one. Booooo.



10m Twinkle Lights – $10

Candles and pretty lights make winter worth suffering through. These are a great deal as you’d usually pay around $10 (or more) for only 5m at most homeware/gift shops. I just had a quick search and Typo are selling 3m worth for $19.99 – and that’s on sale.



Soup mug with lid – $3

This little gem is perfect for a hot winter work lunch. Awesome that it comes with a lid so you can transport and heat all in the one vessel. Just don’t leave in the office kitchen cause you know it’ll disappear into the abyss with all the missing forks within a day.

I could go on but let’s leave it there for now because let’s face it, we don’t need any encouragement when it comes to going in for some tea towels and coming out with half the homeware department.


Happy Kmarting!

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