It feels like the more viewing options we have, the less patience we have. It takes some real strength for me to commit to watching an entire film on demand as it’s like you’re trapping yourself into two hours of something whereas a TV series seems more relaxed as you can tap out at any point. This easier, more open relationship we have with TV shows ironically often leads to more than two hours of watching but it doesn’t stop us from wanting that option to leave after thirty minutes. We have also been known to spend more than half an hour searching for half hour shows to watch so with that in mind, here’s a list of failsafes that you can fool yourself into thinking you’ll only watch one of. And if you’re looking for something a little more meaty to sink your teeth into/devote hours of your time to then check out our list of the ultimate bingeworthy TV series. 

Transparent (Lightbox)
The premise is simple but intriguing – a tight knit Jewish family come to grips with their father’s transition to life as a woman called Maura. You’ll see why this one’s been scooping up all the Golden Globes. It will be interesting to see how the show continues without Maura as the actor who plays her has been under fire for sexual harrassment claims (sigh, another one).

The Windsors (Netflix)
A recent happy discovery for us after we’d finished The Crown. This is silly British humour at its best and stars the legendary Harry Enfield as Prince Charles. It’s amazing that they can actually get away with taking the piss out of the royals so hard. Harry is illiterate, Camilla is the scheming villain and Kate is an ex gypsy who accidentally murdered a guy before getting with Wills. You will LOL.

The cast of The Windsors

The Windsors – brilliantly daft

Friends (TVNZ on Demand)
Yeah you’ve seen every episode at least three times but somehow the gags are still funny. We were stoked to find TVNZ has aaaaall the episodes on tap.

Seinfeld (Lightbox)
Another classic that never disappoints. Why not watch a show essentially about nothing when you’ve got nothing better to do.

Catastrophe (Neon)
Sassy Irish girl meets dopey American dude and they accidentally make a baby. Hilarity ensues. Total laugh out loud material.

Catastrophe TV series

Catastrophe – that moment when you realise you’re pregnant from a one night stand

Peep Show (Netflix)
Probably our favourite comedy of all time, full of quotable and super cringe worthy moments. All nine series of Mark and Jez, two misfits living in South London are amazing… may need a rewatch of this soon actually.




Girls (Neon)
So much love for this show for many reasons. It’s honest, funny and makes you think – don’t miss the episode ‘American Bitch’ from the latest series.

Love (Netflix) 
Another Judd Apatow gem that hasn’t really had a lot of buzz around it but is totally watchable. It has that super real feel to it that Apatow is famous for and the lead characters are great.

Love TV show

Love’s unlikely couple – geeky Gus and cool girl Mickey

30 Rock (Lightbox)
The show that launched Tina Fey from Saturday Night Live to full on famous person and reminded us that Alec Baldwin is actually much better as a comedic actor.

Parks and Recreation (Lightbox)
With talent like Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, Aziz Ansari and Nick Offerman you can’t go wrong. Also great if you want a marathon viewing sesh as there’s 7 seasons.

Extras (Netflix)
Worth a rewatch if just for the Daniel Radcliffe, Patrick Stewart and David Bowie eps. Also a fantastic and somewhat disturbing parody of sitcoms and fame in general. Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais brilliance.

Master of None (Netflix)
The latest series isn’t as hilarious as the earlier eps but still worth your time. Comedian and star of the show Aziz Ansari (Dev) is even more hilarious when teamed with his gigantic side kick friend Arnold as they hang out in New York bonding over their shared love of food.

Master of None

Master of None nails the Seinfeld-like banter

Absolutely Fabulous (Netflix)
May or may not have spent an entire sun soaked day watching one episode roll into another while shovelling sausage rolls into our mouths. Don’t judge us sweetie darling.

The Inbetweeners (Netflix)
So so awkward and so so good, even if the movies were kind of rubbish the show is still one of our faves.

Black Books (Netflix)
You can tell we like our silly British comedy right? Well you can’t blame us when they come up with shows like this. Take one alcoholic book shop owner (Dylan Moran), add a bumbling assistant (Bill Bailey) and hilarious BFF (Tamsin Greig) and you have a classic British sitcom.