We recently rediscovered an epic time lapse on Tom’s phone that we filmed after a coffee shop stop in Amsterdam. Well at least we thought it was epic. It basically just shows us demolishing a gigantic plate of pancakes and at the time we thought it was a pretty great cinematic achievement.

Throwback to this mesmerising time lapse of us demolishing a plate of pancakes in Amsterdam last year

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It’s testament to the tastiness of Dutch Delight that we munched through their pancakes without the herbal assistance but with just as much enthusiasm. Slightly dangerous for us too as this place is just a hop, skip and a jump away from our pad in Birkenhead. The great thing about them is that they specialise in savoury pancakes. As much as Tom and I love to brunch I’m not much of a sweet brunch person so the Dutch style of serving pancakes like pizza with various tasty toppings massively appeals.

Dutch Delight cafe and restaurant in Birkenhead Auckland

Claiming to be the only Dutch restaurant in NZ is bold but you certainly can’t fault these guys on their authenticity. We were greeted by a very Dutch sounding couple who escorted us to a table and served us in a rather abrupt, stern fashion that still managed to feel warm. Word of warning – if you bought a Grabone voucher like us and didn’t book ahead then be prepared for a bit of a lecture. We made an older Dutch gentlemen rather unhappy until he realised that we were gluttons and were going to spend well over what the voucher entitled us to.

Dutch Delight cafe and restaurant in Birkenhead Auckland

You can see how these guys decided on their name. The surroundings are rather delightful with murals decorating the walls, sweet little ceramic salt and pepper shakers on every table and a real homely atmosphere. They also sell a range of Dutch groceries if you’re that way inclined.

I was particularly delighted that my hot chocolate came with one of those spicy windmill bikkies. Tom’s flat white was also accompanied by one. BONUS.

Dutch Delight cafe and restaurant in Birkenhead Auckland

My delight continued when we saw the size of our pancakes. Trust me when I say that ‘Regular’ means LARGE. I ordered the vegetarian pancake loaded with stir fried veg and heavy on the cheese. There is actually a surprising amount of veges in this dish so you can feel a bit better about inhaling the cheese and carbs that it’s wrapped in.

Dutch Delight cafe and restaurant in Birkenhead Auckland

Tom went for the Farmer’s pancake with veges and tasty mince in brown sauce. He was a big fan and coming from a man who considers himself a bit of a mince-on-toast connoisseur this is quite the compliment.

Dutch Delight cafe and restaurant in Birkenhead Auckland

Being the champions (pigs) we are, both of us had no problems finishing them but it certainly didn’t leave room for anything sweet.

Despite feeling like naughty children thanks to our failure to pre-book, I would certainly go back. Next time I’d skip the hot choc and save my dessert stomach for one of their ‘Dutch treats’. Their poffertjes (traditional Dutch mini pancakes) looked delish but I reckon ‘Heidi’s Pancake with a homemade recipe of diced apple, cinnamon and mascarpone is me all over.

So next time you see those pics of frothy pancakes covered in candy floss and OTT fruit toppings think again and head to Dutch Delight for some proper man sized pancakes – guaranteed to satisfy the biggest of appetites!