Nothing makes you feel more accomplished as a writer/photographer duo than when you get free stuff. So it was with great delight that we accepted the opportunity to trial the new Kohu Road Dairy Free ice cream range. Being big fans of their golden syrup flavour (which sadly seems to have vanished from supermarket shelves as of aaaages ago) we were pretty excited. However, I’ve got to admit that I was a little bit dubious when the package arrived and the tubs boasted that the contents had ‘fewer calories’ and ‘reduced sugar’. Usually this is a bonus right? Well in my experience ‘lite’ versions of ice cream are spectacular fails and kind of chewy.


Kohu Road dairy free ice cream

Thankfully the people at Kohu Road have devised some kind of witchcraft that has made it possible for these healthier ice creams to taste delicious. No kidding, the chocolate is better than most regular chocolate ice creams out there if you ask me. We decided to have a ‘taste’ before we took photos (note to self, not a smart move) and nearly demolished the whole lot… Tom had to prise the tub out of my hands at one point. You’ll notice that we’ve used very tiny glasses for this particular shoot…


A word of warning for you weirdos who don’t like coconut (of which I know there are many because let’s face it, it’s always the last Mackintosh left in the packet). This stuff is coconutty as – particularly the vanilla flavour. However, if you’re like us and looooove the stuff then you’ll be in heaven. If you’ve been following the site for a while then you’ll know all about my controversial love of Cherry Ripe and that’s largely down to the fact it’s got coconut in it. So yes I am a bit biased when it comes to this stuff.


The strawberry flavour is probably the least coconutty of the bunch and it comes a close second (after chocolate) in the flavour stakes for me. Vanilla is also very tasty but I’m still not that sure about the matcha green tea one. Perhaps my tastes just aren’t civilised enough. I’m sure all you matcha latte loving hipsters will be right into it but to be honest, once you try the chocolate it’s pretty hard to go for any other flavour. It really is that good.


Kohu Road dairy free ice cream

Monk fruit juice concentrate is used to sweeten the flavours so they can get away with using less sugar. It sounds weird but you don’t notice the difference like with artificial sweeteners and from what I’ve googled it looks like a safe and natural alternative to the white stuff.  The texture is also fantastic, super soft and creamy with no yucky icey bits. My only gripe would be that the tubs state there are 5 servings in them but if you’re anything like us then it’s more like one tub between two with a couple of spoons on the couch. Trackpants not optional.


Ok it’s verdict time. It’s fair to say that the new Kohu Road Dairy Free ice cream range is not only good but actually tastier, creamier and better for you than the vast majority of iced treats on the market. No having to settle for a sub standard frozen yoghurt if you’re fooling yourself into a healthier option. Now you can have your ice cream and eat it too.

So thank you Kohu Road for making sure that when we all scream for ice cream that our lactose intolerant friends can now join in.

PS: Please, please bring back the Golden Syrup flavour.