We were a little too excited when we heard that Cadbury was releasing a special Kiwi Favourites box. Unfortunately Cadbury leaked the news way too soon and it only recently landed in stores after a few weeks of distribution issues. From the moment we set eyes on that Facebook post doing the rounds, we knew it was our duty to rank this new box full of treats as a follow up to our controversial ranking of the classic Favourites. There are many thoughts that spring to mind at first glance of this new edition – namely, there is a lot of marshmallow going on here. Also did we really invent all of these treats in NZ? Or are these just the best sellers in the country? Who knows. One thing we do know for sure is which of the mini bars is the one to rule them all…


Let’s be honest, the absolute worst is…Flake

Still only good for one thing – garnishing a fresh Mr Whippy cone. End of.


Peppy Chew

Can’t say I have EVER had a peppy chew. Until now. Turns out I wasn’t missing much – there’s something about peppermint flavoured marshmallow that just doesn’t sit right with me.


Caramel Chew 

Another bar that hasn’t registered on my radar before. Not being much of a marshmallow person this one doesn’t do it for me either. Distinctly lacking in actual caramel… and chewiness for that matter. Misleading.



Yes more freakin marshmallow. At least this one has a slither of caramel though. I hadn’t tried one of these for years and after the taste test I have to wonder – what makes this different to a Pinky? I mean it is actually just a Pinky right? Maybe this is the version for blokes who are so insecure about their masculinity that they couldn’t possibly purchase a pink wrapped chocolate bar.


Dairy Milk

Well what can I say. It’s the safe option isn’t it? Ain’t nothing exciting about sinking your teeth into this one but I’ll take it if it’s all that’s on offer and I have a cuppa to dunk it in.



A step up from Dairy Milk for obvious reasons but certainly not deserving of one of the top spots.  Weirdly though I love those little caramel cuties eggs you can get at Easter – must be something about the shape.


Moro Gold

I worked for a radio station years ago back in the days when companies would give us far too much product and we’d be left with cupboards of the stuff despite having handed it out to every single student in Wellington… and then some. This was one of those products and I think my over consumption of them may have tainted them for me. I can appreciate that they’re yum but they just don’t excite me. Also who knew this was a kiwi creation? I’m a little bit impressed at the ingenuity – even if they didn’t improve on the original.


Chocolate Fish

Always a fun one to give to your international mates. “A chocolate fish?! You kiwis are mental!” they’ll squeal. Then if they’re British they’ll probably have a tentative nibble and declare it ‘quite tasty actually’ in those posh accents of theirs and it’s just an adorable experience all round. If you don’t like chocolate fish then you need to take a long hard look at yourself and your passport – are you really a NZ citizen? Yeah I suppose it falls into the dreaded marshmallow category but I’m willing to make an allowance for patriotic reasons.



Guaranteed to give you that instant sugar hit and much more satisfying when you can bite all the chocolate off first so you’re left just with the hokey pokey. Also do they still make the ice cream version? If so I need one of those immediately.



A classic that will never go out of style. Moro is the little black dress of the chocolate world.


Perky Nana 

Just as delightful as its name, this little kiwi gem deserves one of the top spots for its unashamedly fake banana flavour (who doesn’t love that) and chewiness akin to the holy pineapple lump – aka the kiwiest chocolate treat of them all.


Drumroll please. The best of the Kiwi Favouites is… Caramilk

It’s no secret that we’re big Caramilk fans so naturally this resurrected 90’s treat had to come out on top. Somehow I get the feeling that this isn’t going to cause as much upset as our last number 1 choice. Caramilk has got to be pretty popular amongst kiwis, I mean it’s THE RUSSIAN FUDGE OF CHOCOLATE PEOPLE! You can’t argue with that logic… although I’m sure someone will. Let the great Favourites debate resume!