As you’ve probably gathered, we consider ourselves quite the authority on chocolate. Now, Whittaker’s haven’t always got it right when it comes to Limited Edition chocolate blocks – L&P white chocolate anyone? Nope didn’t think so. Still, they are the unquestionable leaders when it comes to bringing out flavours that get people talking. So it must have been a bit of a wakeup call when Cadbury announced the return of 90’s flavour Caramilk and it almost broke the internet… well in little old NZ at least.

The Caramilk has landed and office dog Ernie wants a piece of the action

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Often the hype of the announcement and the tagging of your mates in the reveal on Facebook is more exciting than actually trying the chocolate. Sometimes though, the weird and wonderful new flavours defy even your stupidly high expectations and you stock up like a crazy cat lady hoarding all the blocks you can possibly get your hands on before the ‘limited edition’ run is out.

Cadbury's Caramilk Chocolate

I think the excitement is intensified when you don’t live in New Zealand. We could only watch from afar as the Hundreds and Thousands chocolate block came out and it was all we could do to plea with friends and family for a care package. Thankfully they obliged and when the glorious pink blocks arrived from across the globe it’s fair to say we were impressed. At the time we were living with another kiwi couple (standard) so it was our duty to share. Damn expat duty. Seriously though, it was too good not to share the joy… soz Cadbury, stole your tagline.

I would happily join a Facebook page calling for the reinstatement of the Hundreds and Thousands block to our supermarket shelves. Strangely I’m not even a huge white chocolate fan but this stuff tastes of childhood dreams to me. Bring it back please Mr Whittaker!

Jelly Tip was another mash up creation that didn’t disappoint. It actually tastes a hell of a lot like the ice cream. Still not as fantastic as Jelly Tip in a tub but I’ll take it.  In fact, there’s a block hanging out in our kitchen just waiting to be demolished (thanks Tom’s Mum).

More recently we’ve seen the likes of K-Bar and Toffee Milk join the party. Toffee Milk was a winner in our house despite its tendency to get stuck in your teeth. K-Bar on the other hand was a shambolic mash-up. Does anyone else remember the huuuuuge stacks in supermarkets on sale for ridiculously low prices just to get rid of the stuff?

The latest Whittaker’s creation is The Full Eighty – created as a nod to the Lions tour without actually having to mention the Lions. This one’s a little off the wall in that it has protein puffs in it. Oh and banana, nuts and cranberries… hell, is this still even chocolate or are we straying dangerously close to muesli bar material here? Neither Tom or I have actually tasted it yet actually. It just doesn’t sound like much fun.

Caramilk on the other hand was shoved in our faces within hours of the news breaking that it had hit shelves once again. And did it live up to the memories? HELL YESS it did. This is like Russian Fudge in chocolate form. Slightly easier to stomach but totally still nails that condensed milk deliciousness.

So do Whittaker’s need to be worried? If Cadbury create anything as delightful as Caramilk anytime soon then yes, yes they do. Bring on the limited edition chocolate war!!! and hopefully a stretchy trackpants sale at Kmart.