Recently I was given a box of Favourites at work and as the singular Moro vanished within moments followed closely by a couple of Flakes leaving a swarm of dairy milk in their wake, it got me thinking two things – first, how do they figure out the quantities of each favourite? I mean surely Cadbury knows that Moro is a crowd pleaser? Secondly, what kind of monster chooses a Flake first? It’s quite incredible how everyone has very different opinions of the best Favourite so I decided to put the record straight. 

Here is my obviously subjective but also 100% correct ranking of the mini treats.


The worst… Mint Bubbly

I’m sorry but is Cadbury dairy milk mint bubbly ANYONE’S favourite? No. This rip off of Aero is kidding itself being included in the coveted purple box.


10th… Flake

The only place for a flake is crumbled on top of French vanilla icecream or sticking out of a Mr Whippy. It’s just inconvenient and unsatisfying to eat on it’s own. Dear Cadbury, replace Flake with Twirl please.


9th… Cadbury Dairy Milk

If someone reaches for this you can safely assume they have no soul and any lust for life has completely left their body. Boooooring.


8th… Caramello

Cara – meh- llo more like it.


7th… Dream

Dream is ok but it just doesn’t compare to Nestle’s classic rival Milky bar. I rediscovered how delicious these are recently and it took me straight back to my un-PC back-when-treats-weren’t considered-poison childhood. Speaking of, my Mum used to give me a pixie caramel to keep me occupied going around the supermarket – now kids get fruit and she would totally be sugar shamed. How times change.  


6th… Picnic

I hated Picnic bars as a youngster as they tasted vaguely like there was fruit in them but they’ve begun to grow on me – one of the more substantial options in the box when you need that 3pm sugar hit.


5th… Crunchie

Crunchie is a solid choice (pun absolutely intended).


4th… Boost

Charmingly named to sound like a bar that will help you on the way to fitness, this is like a way tastier, richer picnic with yummy crunchy biscuit bits. 


Third place… Moro

In the same way that Boost is a tastier Picnic, Moro is a simpler yet more effective version of a Boost. Just caramel, nougat and chocolate. No fuss deliciousness right there. It also comes with the same sporty connotations with it’s ‘get more go’ tagline so it’s essentially a pre-gym snack right?


Runner up… Turkish Delight

Ok this is controversial but both Tom and I love Turkish delight. I know, we’re monsters. It gets more shocking though….


The best… Cherry Ripe

All hail the underdog winner – sorry about it people. This is my list and I’ll pick my favourite Favourite thankyouverymuch. Hated by almost everyone, this is the best one to love as it’s almost always left after you’ve done the polite thing and offered your Favourites around first. Does anyone else find themselves with the box outstretched, a smile plastered on your face but inside you’re willing them not to take the best ones with all your strength? This time I saved myself the torture and picked out all the goodies first… then quietly judged everyone by their choices. Great office fun.