The Brits aren’t perfect, but they certainly know how to do a few things really well. Namely, how to absolutely nail convenience food. Here are a few of our favourite British treats that we’ve been pining for since returning to New Zealand.


Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate

Best British food

It’s just better over there. Fact. Particularly in Giant button form with a big mug of tea. Note to UK friends, if you love me you’ll send some of these in a care package one day, k?


Scotch Eggs

Big ones, mini ones, straight from the fridge or fresh out of the oven, I don’t care. Just gimme. Whoever thought of putting an egg inside sausage meat inside crumbs then frying it is a genius, we salute you.


M&S party snacks 

Anyone else ever wander into the food section of M&S on Oxford street and emerge about an hour later laden with various pastry wrapped snacks (pork pies mandatory) in super cute mini form? Guaranteed to make you look posh at a picnic and to cure any hangover within seconds of munching.


Pret Sandwiches

The limited edition Christmas sandwiches are looked forward to by Brits all year long but I loved pretty much everything from Pret. It is the king of convenience food over in the UK and I reckon there’s a big gap in the market for it over here. Cracking Egg salad was the go to for me even though it ranks near the bottom on this list of Pret sammies ranked worst to best. They stopped making the Mediterranean tuna flat bread while we were over there which rocked my world significantly. God I miss Pret.


Prawn Mayo sandwiches 

When Tom and I first spied these in our local Sainsbury’s we were pretty shocked – shellfish in a sandwich? They were too exotic and weird not to try even if we did fear for our own stomach’s safety. Thankfully we were pleasantly surprised and these became one of our favourite on the go snacks. Also great as a flavour of potato chip FYI.


Meal deals

When on the topic of supermarket sandwiches, it’s only right to mention the glorious creation that is the meal deal. These were ludicrously cheap and available from supermarkets, chain bakeries like Greggs and somewhat weirdly, Boots (a massive pharmacy chain). For a tiny £3 you’d get a sandwich or wrap, mini packet of chips (or popcorn or fruit) and a 600ml drink. If you had a phone plan with O2 then on certain days they’d be £1! Why oh why don’t these exist in NZ? Alas it’s a minimum of $8 (in Auckland) for a measley sandwich from a cafe for us poor deprived kiwis.


Proper cider on tap and fish finger sandwiches

Yes another sandwich but the Brits excel at putting stuff in bread ok? A pint of Aspall cider and a fish finger sammy was my standard Friday lunch from The Crown in Soho. My work buddies and I frequented this pub on an almost weekly basis, never misbehaved and yet the staff managed to assume the same air of disdain every time we waltzed on in. Asking for cutlery, reminding them about orders that had gone missing and angry glares when we ordered another round were standard. Ahhh London hospitality.


Christmas market fare

Mulled wine, boozy hot chocs, giant salty pretzels and bratwurst hotdogs were just some of the festive delights on offer at the sparkly markets that pop up in December. It’s bloody lucky that Christmas is in winter over there as the pounds pile on after a trip to Winter Wonderland. Those cringeworthy oversized Christmas jumpers certainly come in handy.

Poll for MVP – vote for your favourite from the list and let us know in the comments if we’ve missed something you reckon is essential UK eating!