We are Tom and Amanda, a 30 something couple navigating the road to becoming proper grown ups.

After a few years of travelling and living overseas we returned home to Auckland, New Zealand and noticed a pretty big shift in our lifestyle. Saturday nights out require much more effort,  brunch is everything and K-Mart is life.

Yes we have started on the stereotypical path to ‘settling down’ and while doing so, have noticed that often this stage in life is viewed in a negative light.

How to Adult was designed as a place to celebrate all the things that start to appeal once you hit a certain milestone. From growing your own veges to cooking Gram worthy meals at home, IKEA-ing the shit out of your house and solving the dilemma of what to watch next on Netflix –  How to Adult is your one stop shop.

If you too think there’s nothing more appealing on a Friday night than bingeing on takeaways and telly at home then this is your place. Get yourself a cuppa (or bottle of wine) and settle in for the not so bumpy but pleasantly smooth ride.

Tom and Amanda in Rome

Rome 2016, back when we were unemployed and fancy free!